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Do as 20% of the Danish electricity and gas suppliers – change via Whitelabels already today.

Today, both large and small companies use Whitelabels as a platform to manage their electricity and gas supply customers. In fact, as many as 20% of all supplier changes in Denmark occur through Whitelabels, which includes both residential and business customers.

Want to hear more about your options for using Whitelabels to handle your electricity or gas customers? Contact us today for more information and learn more about how our platform can help you – easily, efficiently and at a competitive price

Our White labels system is built with knowledge from 10 years of experience working in the Danish energy industry. We've brought companies on the market and proved that our subscription systems operate reliably and efficiently. With a background within innovation and a drive for efficiency, 

It is our goal to use the latest innovations in our system development. The usability and flexibility of Whitelabels ' systems can help you build a better, more profitable relationship with your customers...

NettoPower ApS

Make Energy simple

NettoPower started in 2012 with the aim of creating a value-creating, intelligent electricity company that loves its customers and puts them at the heart of its business. Through the use of Whitelabels systems, NettoPower has been able to deliver both on price and the best customer service rating in Denmark.

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