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Whether you want to become an electricity supplier, gas supplier or production supplier, Whitelabels is the ideal solution. A flexible "all in one" product – tailored for you.

A wealth of benefits – for the benefit of your business

Read about our innovative and newly built subscription system and learn more about how Whitelabels can grow your business.

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With support for both residential and business customers, Whitelabels' systems can help you increase your business revenue

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Our system is 100% "software as a service" and cloud-based, significantly reducing your IT costs


With the latest technology, our systems reflect optimal speed and efficiency, paving the way for the best customer service experience imaginable

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Whitelabels' customer management system is 90% automated, so you can focus on what's important – productivity


Our simple and intuitive interface reduces both training time and customer service costs


Our system allows your energy company to run like a genuine ecommerce web shop as well as to reduce sales costs


With support for both "hard" models (field marketing) and "soft" models (e-commerce), your business is not locked into a specific business model


Electronic communication is built into our systems, so you can facilitate fast, targeted and direct dialogue with your customers

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Supports prepaid subscription with many different payment options – as well as actual charge


Access to payment service, bank transfer, electronic FI, credit card, VISA, MasterCard, MobilePay and most payment cards – can help increase revenue and market share

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Hourly invoiced subscriptions for business customers, as well as flexible billing of residential customers, increase the reach of your business model

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Whitelabels' systems have been ready for the open market in Denmark since 2015

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With self-service systems known from the world of the telecom industry, your customers get a recognizable user interface to manage their account


Our systems automatically have FI cards that are directly balanced with your customers' bank, saving them time and hassle

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With a unique user- and role-based management system, Whitelabels gives you full control over staff data access

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With our two-factor authentication, you get a trustworthy and reliable system that guarantees secure data management in accordance with Amazon's cloud security standards.

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A flexible and adaptable system where you can choose how much of the functionality you want to use – from the entire package to individual elements.


Whitelabels offers a wealth of integration options, so you can tailor the system to your needs – e.g. integration to ticket handling systems, external email systems and much more.

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